Buying property at auction

Buying property at auction has never been easier. Our Real Auction platform is designed to make the entire process transparent and seamless for both buyer and seller. We accommodate for both online and offline auctions which are held in our auction houses throughout the UK.

Why buy property at Auction?

The process of buying property at auction is suitable for those searching for their first home, a new family home, a commercial property, or even an investment project. We offer a range of properties that can be viewed on our website along with the guide price for the property, pictures, description, and the date and time at which the property’s auction will take place.

There are an array of benefits that come along with buying property at auction:

1. A fair chance for everybody

In today's competitive real estate market it can be difficult to grab the property of your dreams. With demand now outweighing stock, when a property is put on the market through traditional estate agents the price can hike up drastically and fast. Unlike buying a home through a traditional agent you do not necessarily have to get your bid in first at auction to be successful. You can also take more time to consider the guide price of a property and view the bids of others to make a more informed decision.

2. Transparency

Another significant benefit of buying through auction is the transparency of the process. One of the major disadvantages of buying through an estate agent is the chance of being outbid or worse gazumped; when a seller has accepted your offer and you make financial and legal arrangements and even start the moving process, only for the seller to accept a higher offer at the last minute.

In terms of being outbid, when you buy at auction you can see what other offers are on the table and can respond and react to them by adjusting your bid. This is an advantage that you don’t have with traditional real estate transactions.

3. Security & speed

You have complete security in this process. Once the hammer falls the property is yours, with no risk of the deal falling through and no risk of gazumping. Buying property at auction means that you will avoid all of the uncertainty that comes with buying a property through an estate agent, and the property will be yours in just 28 days.

Whether you are looking to buy a new family home, are a first-time buyer, or want to invest in property for the long-run you are sure to find what you are looking for with Real Auction.