Selling property at auction

Selling at auction has never been easier with our Real Auction platform. By choosing Real Auction you can benefit from our vast networks of buyers and experienced auctioneers. Whether you are selling your home, investment property, or are an estate agent looking to sell some properties fast, we have the experience and expertise to ensure a fast and smooth sale at the right price. We run regular auctions online here at Real Auction and offline at local auction houses throughout the UK.

Why sell property at auction?

Selling at auction hosts many benefits, most of which traditional transactions do not offer:

1. Potential for a high sale price

If you are thinking about selling your home, auctions can provide you with a quicker and easier way to sell and even at a higher price than you would have expected! There are often opportunities to sell your property for a higher price when you choose to sell through an auction. The competitiveness of auctions means that prices can easily be driven up.

Your reserve price will ensure that your property will never sell for less than it’s worth or what you want to sell it for. Once the hammer falls there is also no room for negotiations, the sale is complete. On the other hand, when you sell through an estate agent the potential buyer may come back with counter offers after house inspections or delays. This is not possible when selling at auction.

2. Increased exposure

Our wide networks mean that we can give your property the exposure it needs, both online and offline. We advertise all of our auction properties on our website and also via online advertisements. As a result, we can generate a pool of interest for your property before auction day.

3. Fast & efficient

Property auctions are an efficient and fast way to sell. Once the hammer falls buyers must pay a 10% deposit on the day and have 28 days to fully complete the sale. Buyers at auctions are always ready to make a purchase and often have the funds ready on auction day for instance that they are successful in their bid.

The process is also efficient. Solicitors on both sides will have all legal documentation in order before auction day ensuring a smooth transfer. As soon as the hammer falls all legal matters, searches, and surveys would have already been carried out.