Commercial properties

We have vast experience dealing with all types of properties including commercial properties such as offices, warehouses, and stores. If you are considering selling your commercial property or buying a commercial property at auction you have come to the right place. Our wide network and marketing efforts ensure all listings receive maximum exposure before auction day.

Why Buy Commercial Property at Auction?

Fast & efficient:

Purchases are complete within a set time frame meaning that there is no uncertainty or waiting around. The buyers must pay a 10% deposit on the day and ensure full payment is made within a maximum time frame of 28 days prior to the auction day.

A variety of properties:

Buying through auction means a variety of different commercial properties types to choose from. There is also variety in terms of price points.

A fair chance:

Unlike when you purchase a property through a traditional estate agent you will always have a fair chance at auction. You can also consider other people’s bids to adjust your bid and make more informed decisions.

Why Sell Commercial Property at Auction?


A major advantage of selling through auction is transparency. The process of selling through an auction platform like Real Auction ensures a more transparent process than one would encounter with other methods of transaction such as through an estate agent. As soon as the gavel falls the sale is complete and the buyer is obligated to go through with the final sale.

Increased exposure:

As a seller, you can benefit from the increased marketing that your property will receive through our platform meaning a higher demand for your property and therefore higher overall sale price. Since we market on a national scale we can ensure optimal exposure for your property.

A reliable sale:

A reliable sale: You can be sure of a reliable sale when you sell through Real Auction. Once the hammer falls the seller is obligated to go through with the purchase. The buyer is also obligated to pay a deposit on the auction day, once they have been successful in their bid.

What kind of commercial properties can be sold at auction?

Warehouses, offices, retail stores, bars, hotels, and restaurants can all be sold at auction. However, when selling such a property through auction it must only be the physical property (and tenants if applicable) and not include the business that owns the property.