Real Estate Partner

Partnering with Estate agents throughout the UK

We operate on a no-sell no fee basis meaning a 0% fee on properties not sold. We also offer the lowest commission rates in the UK on properties sold through our platform.

We partner with estate agents throughout the UK to help them excel in their selling and buying processes. Our online platform allows estate agents to set themselves apart from the competition and increase overall profits by facilitating a fast and effective buying and selling process.

How it works

Our online and live auction platform makes it easier than ever before for people to buy and sell property. Buyers can view our list of properties on our website and sellers can easily upload properties to our platform.

Why choose us

1. Marketing

Get maximum exposure for your properties through our online platform. Buyers can view and enquire about properties through our online platform. We also advertise frequently on Google and social media.

3. Experience

Our team has years of combined experience operating in the auction and real estate world.

4. Increase Revenue

Our partners enjoy the benefits of increased sales. As our website and listings have maximum exposure you can quickly sell your properties at the right price.

5. Diversity

By selling through our platform you can offer your customers a variety of options for buying, empowering them to choose a buying method that suits their individual needs.

6. Time

Our process is timely and efficient. Once a buyer has successfully completed a bid on your property they are required to pay a 10% deposit. The sale must then fully be complete within 28 days.

Contact the Real Auction team for more information.